Ondřej Budai

Installing Wireguard on Debian Bullseye

2020-11-02 update

The issue is fixed, just use:

apt install wireguard

and your Debian Bullseye machine is ready for Wireguard!

The original article

Wireguard is a new VPN solution included right in the Linux kernel. It’s part of the mainline kernel since version 5.6. Debian Bullseye has Linux 5.5, but the distribution maintainers decided to backport Wireguard, so it’s already available by default. Sadly, this broke the installation process that is usually suggested on the Internet.

Now, the installation is even simpler, it’s just needed to install the wireguard-tools package without the recommended dependencies:

apt install --no-install-recommends wireguard-tools

Without the --no-install-recommends, apt installs also the wireguard-dkms package. This package tries building the kernel module, but it fails because the code conflicts with some of the backported kernel features.